Employee Benefits

Hire IT People, Inc offers it's Employee excellent benefits, most benefits apply to both full-time and Contract Employees. We are committed to providing top benefits available in the Industry. If you need more information, please speak to a HR Specialist at (800) 693-8939
  • Custom Salary Packages - Hourly or Yearly (Full time or Split)
  • Paid Time-Off (Applicable to full time employees only)
  • Health Insurance with Dental and Vision
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • 401(K)enrollment
  • Free Sponsorship of Work Visas and Green Card (if needed)
  • Referral and Incentive Bonus
  • Relocation Assistance (if needed)
  • Continuing Education(if needed)

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are conducted once every year for all employees or after one Assignment, whichever is longer

Payroll Deposits

Salary Payments will be made via direct deposit Bi-Weekly

401K Plans

You can enroll in our 401(k) plan, please speak to us.

Paid Time-Off

Full time employees are eligible for 2 weeks of paid Time-off upon completion of 1600 hours of Employment. Any unused paid vacation will be rolled over to the next year.

Relocation Assistance

The company provides Relocation benefits (if required), please discuss with your Recruiter.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance coverage will be provided by Major Carriers. Our plans provide nationwide and In Network Coverage.

Dental Insurance and Vision

We provide free Dental and Vision Insurance to all Employees.

Continuing Education

We provide Continuing Education coverage for all eligible Employees.

We believe in building long-term relationships!

At Hire IT People, Inc we strongly believe in long-term relationships with our IT contractors. We communicate with you during your engagement, provide on job Support if needed and work with you in finding new Projects. If you decide to leave us for any reason, we will just stay in touch with you for future Project/Employment opportunities.

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HireITPeople.Com Review - PHP Developer